Along with several other cultural institutions, Danmarks Radio (The Danish Broadcast Corporation) has digitised our cultural heritage from the last hundred years. All is gathered on DR asked Trace to experiment new ways of exploring this digital content, which is mainly in images and videos. A few different ideas were selected for testing at the annual Copenhagen Culture Night 2013;

The Objectified Search Engine:
Navigating in terabytes of content can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. We had the idea that searching the content through physical objects, would make the experience more fun and intuitive. H.C. Andersen would mean fairytales in the query and the Little Mermaid would mean culture. Through the API of visitors could then search the database by placing objects in front of the computer.


Location Driven QR Balloons
We wanted see how the content could be used in a location-based context. After looking though hundreds of videos and images from Copenhagen, we chose the fifteen most interesting. A balloon was lit up and then placed at the exact location where the particular event took place. Through a QR code, christmas shoppers could have the content served directly to their mobile device.

Trace — Concept & prototype development