Republikken at Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen, is a privately held company, that offers shared office spaces to creative individuals, small companies, freelancers and students. In spring 2012 the company opened a large, open- to-all café, targeting a broader audience with the purpose of connecting the office spaces to the outside world.

Along with the new premises followed a new entrance with a stairwell open to the café at the 1th floor. Republikken asked me to find a solution for the dark, unused space at the entrance. Only one thing was required — that I had to find a neat way to show the necessary information about Republikken to each of their target groups.

The main solution is an interactive lighting installation based on Arudino and DMX light. Once the door to the entrance is opened, the light at the hallway changes to greet the guest. The installation is to be seen as an experiment in alternative communication. It has no direct impact nor a clear communication, but yet it invites the guest to interact with Republikken — which is the main purpose of the company itself.

The other solution is a total reorganization of the information at the facade. I reworked the target groups by analyzing the needs of every kind of visitor. In this new solution, the temporary information has moved to the side of the windows in menu case style. The fixed information has been written in simple, beautiful typography, providing space and transparency to the stairwell and the lighting setup.